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Transform Your Remittance Business with the Blockchain

Bloom modernizes remittance businesses by combining cutting-edge technology like the blockchain, instant payments, and messenger bots with traditional tools like SWIFT and SMS.

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Reduce Your International Settlement and FX Costs by up to 50%

The blockchain provides a new low-cost channel for cross-border settlement, and greatly reduces the need for pre-funding or lines of credit in your destination countries.

Instant Disbursements to 25 Philippine Banks and
4 Nationwide Cash Pickup Providers

Access over 20,000 outlets nationwide through a single consistent JSON API. All Bloom-powered remittances are available for pickup or withdrawal in under 15 minutes.

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What's a "blockchain"?

It's a new internet technology that's revitalizing the financial industry, and is making cross-border payments cheaper and more secure.

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We're Building an Eastern Union

Remittance businesses around the world are upgrading their platforms with blockchain technology, and you can extend your own business's network by connecting to counterparts in other countries. Each trusted node on the Bloom platform is powered and secured by blockchain technology, ensuring consistent access and fast settlement.

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