Getting Started

The BloomRemit API gives developers programmatic access to the core functionality of the platform. Using our RESTFUL API, a developer will be able to build applications that accomplish the following:

  • Create and manage Agents
  • Create and manage Senders
  • Create and manage Recipients
  • Create, manage, and monitor transactions
  • Calculate transactions fees
  • Retrieve lists of Payout providers and exchange rates


The typical remittance workflow is as follows:

  1. Create or select a Sender associated with an Agent

    Each Partner has 1 or more agents, which represent the individual pay-in channels (kiosks, website, mobile app, etc) that the sender can interact with.

  2. Create a Recipient

    A Sender has 1 or more recipients associated with their account. Recipients are scoped to each sender, and cannot be shared from one sender to another.

  3. Create Transactions

    A remittance is a transaction between a Sender and a Recipient, facilitated by an Agent.

  4. Monitor Transaction Status

    After a transaction is created, its status may change to any of the following: maybe_deposited, incomplete, paid, completed, rejected, refunded, cancelled, cancelling, cancelling_unpaid, error, delayed, waiting, unpaid, outstanding, and disbursing


Currently there are 2 api versions available, you can use these different versions in combination.


Most API Endpoints need authentication for you to access. To know about your authentication details: you log in as an admin user and go to Organization Settings > API Access. For further inquiries and questions, please direct your inquiries to

Some API Endpoints don’t need API Tokens and Secrets, it’ll be indicated on the documentaiton.


Libraries available: